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    Samuel L. Jackson and the Author of “Go The F—K To Sleep” Present …

    Extremely NSFW:  There’s not really much to say about this video, other than that we definitely recommend wearing headphones if you plan to watch this in the workplace. This might be the most entertaining political advertisement ever released.

    Typical classy democrats.  I love how the planned parenthood bit was what she mentioned to her slutty sister and friends.

    Yes. Look at them in their slutty pajamas. God, one of them even had JACKET on. The whores.

    Calling women sluts isn’t a thing that you should do.

    If planned parenthood is that important to them, they’re sluts.  Any woman that gets an abortion out of pure convenience is a slut.

    Well then, how do you feel about married women that get them? Slut is usually related to some sort of sexual openness right. So I’m interested in how that effects your opinion. Also, what about women that get them for medical reasons? Or rape victims? 

    And since you don’t seem to be aware, PP does a lot more than abortions.

    Note “out of pure convenience”.  

    Most of the services at planned parenthood are abortions.  It may be one of a dozen services, but it’s still the main service.  Even if it’s a minor service, they shouldn’t be doing it.

    Well, have you considered the alternative to safe, legal abortions? Because the alternative involves children growing up with parents that never wanted them. People that shouldn’t be parents becoming parents. More kids being put up for adoption, which ads to the already massive amount that need homes, and families. And, at the worst, woman dying from having improperly done abortions.

    I’m not asking you to approve of abortions personally, just to care about the people getting them.

    People who genrally aren’t happy about getting them.

    Also, in medically necessary casses, some women would die if they didn’t get them.


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    Well, have you considered the alternative to safe, legal abortions? Because the alternative involves children growing up...
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    Note “out of pure convenience”. Most of the services at planned parenthood are abortions. It may be one of a dozen...
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